I would like to introduce myself and give you a little background about Hillcrest Turf Services. I have worked as a member of a grounds crews and as an Assistant Superintendent as well as a Superintendent at several Boston area golf clubs and courses. In 2007, I started a design-build and maintenance landscaping company called Gorgeous Gardens Landscape Management, Inc. From the day I left the golf and sports turf industry, I missed several aspects of that segment. Specifically, I missed the relationships which I had formed over the nearly 20 years I worked on golf courses. It didn’t take long for me to begin searching for a way to stay connected to golf and those relationships which were so valuable to me. I remained close with many of my friends and former colleagues and even experimented at performing landscaping and ornamental enhancement services with a few golf courses and institutions. This turned out to be a more difficult avenue to remain connected to my friends and colleagues than I had anticipated. I began interviewing my friends and respected industry leaders about ideas for which I could steer my company toward the golf business. Through these conversations, Hillcrest Turf Services was born in 2012.
      As a former golf course Superintendent and Grounds manager working in the turf management industry for the past 25 plus years, I feel that I understand how challenging and important a job you hold. Your passion for grooming fine turf playing conditions may present you with many difficult challenges. I share that passion. I understand that these difficult problems may require specialized solutions and sometimes unique cultural equipment to assist in solving these problems. That is why I founded Hillcrest Turf Services. It is this passion for the turf industry that drove me to search for and acquire equipment that provides cultural solutions to some of these obstacles.
      We will offer unique and innovative solutions to assist you with these challenges. It may take specialized equipment to arrive at the solution. Instead of having to make a significant investment, allow us to do it for you. Hillcrest has invested in this type of equipment and offers these services to the turf industry at a convenience to our clients. Efficiency, clean finish, and being self sufficient are some of our top criteria in adding to our tool belt. Efficiency is achieved in completing jobs in a timely manner while meeting the goals of the client. A clean finish is when a job is complete there is very little or no residual debris or healing time requiring extra attention from the customer. Last, but certainly not least, being self sufficient means that my crew or I can complete a job start to finish without being a burden on the labor force of the client and his/her team.
      Thatch management, tree root encroachment, black layer and thin turf are just some of these challenges for which Hillcrest Turf Services has the solution. There are many turf related issues which are not addressed with conventional core or solid tine aeration, but require specialized approaches and innovative services. Hillcrest provides these services to assist our clients achieve success managing problematic turf challenges through the use of: The Rotadairon Turf Surgeon , The Imants Root-pruner, The Wiedenmann Super 600, Air2G2 air injection, and two styles of seeding (slice and dimple) through the use of a Rotadairon slicer and a Blec Multi-seeder. The Turf Surgeon is a thatch management tool which can cover an average sized golf green or tee in 20-30 minutes while collecting the debris in the process. It collects the debris with an integrated brush and collection hopper. The debris can then be deposited however the client desires. The Imants Root-pruner can sever tree roots up to 4-6 inches in diameter with 2 parallel cutting blades. This leaves the roots in the ground while severed in 2 locations making it difficult for them to grow back. This machine also leaves very little or no disruption behind as it does not remove any debris from the ground leaving behind only 2 small incisions. The Wiedenmann Super 600 has many uses. With its collection system, it can cleanly mow native grass areas, sweep aeration plugs, verti-cut large areas of turf while collecting the debris in its 6-yard hopper. The Air2G2 air injection machine is a unique soil aeration approach offering little to no surface disruption while injecting air to a prescribed depth of up to 12 inches. The Air2G2 is powered by an integrated compressor which forces air at an adjustable pressure. This fractures the soil beneath the surface thus creating pore space for water, nutrients and, most importantly, air to reach the rootzone.

      We are constantly keeping an open eye and ear for any new types of equipment which may benefit the fine turf industry. We have invested in these types of machines in order to better serve the industry to solve unique or systemic turf challenges. Please feel free to reach out and ask me about any of my equipment or to request a demonstration.

Thank you to all of my friends and colleagues for your continued support!

Michael Parks

Hillcrest Turf Services



P.O.Box 767 Medfield, MA 02052

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